Green Urja Technologies and Systems (GUTS), was functioning as an independent executive arm of Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF) from 2011. S3iDF is now international hence GUUTS disassociated and continues the work of S3IDF which is being functioning in different places in India. The organization is concentrating mainly on reduction of poverty and pollution. Its mission is to propagate, promote, demonstrate and deploy various heating and lighting solutions by adopting various RET devices to provide clean energy reliably and affordably. Providing innovative and customized solutions to solve the problems of energy for lighting, cooking and communications at cost effective price is the goal.

The major problems for sustainable village development has been identified as the provision of the means to reduce poverty and pollution. As the scale of our activities increased to a level which cannot be appropriately accommodated in a NGO organization with FCRA clearance, the GUTS was created to handled purely commercial part of the activities while S3IDF concentrates on problem identifications, selecting suitable clusters of villages, or mandals who are taking up the activities and in laying the foundation for poverty alleviation and pollution reduction activities through intensive publicity propaganda and involving the local population in discussions in all available forums. It is also the agency to identify the local SHGs or Individuals who would become the business associates and fellow champions of renewable energy. These organizations coordinate with all Government agencies like Tribal Welfare Department, Housing, Social Welfare and other Departments.

So far we have deployed around 7000 solar PV home lighting systems in the districts of Ananthapur and Chattisgarh covering all rural villages and un-electrified hamlets. We have been successful in utilizing solar energy for promotion of livelihoods like garments making, weaving, poultry, Animal Husbandry sector etc. In Pamidi, Kondapur and Sriharipuram villages of Ananthapur District solar lanterns and solar study lights have been deployed in various schools to encourage school children to pursue their education. We have provided street lights in most affected Tribal Villages of Chattisgarh.

Our objective is to establish at an appropriate stage a Mahila Urja Centre in the project areas to ensure the institutional support for the activities in a sustainable manner. The Urja Centres established in Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh and handed over to local people are doing the sales and service of various RET products and are functioning even after the completion of the specific projects in these locations.

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